We start with creating a design that suits you in every way

Not only does it matter that you are happy with the selection of the paving, it matters that it serves the function that its required for. For example, driveway paving is installed and based slightly different than what a patio would be installed. We like to make sure we tick all the boxes not just the aesthetic ones.


The design process stops when your 100% satisfied with it.

Its important that the client is 100% satisfied with the design, layout and proposed development of the project. We believe in keeping our customers 100% informed with all the information required so that they are involved from start to finish in the project as well.

Making It Happen

We won't stop till its 100% completed.

Once everyone is 100% satisfied we can start in on turning that idea into reality. At this stage, we will use depending on the room available our machinery to help remove existing surfaces if required. Once the area is prepared we will start to install the new surface.

Job Finished

Use your new driveway or patio immediately

Job done. We have completed the new surface. If its your patio or driveway, its now ready to use. For example, if it is your driveway, you may starting parking your car on it. All rubbish and excess material from the job will have been removed. The area left clean and tidy. The only thing showing that we were there, will be the new driveway or patio that we have created.